~*[{ Yun-Ah's LOVE~ }]*~ (LV...!)

  1. Hi Hi~ I'm pretty much very new here on TPF, I just got into designer bags seriously (LV only atm... ^o^;;) about... One month ago? I'm 17, and I DO pay for them myself if thats what you're wondering, and it's very nice to meet you~!

    Sorry for my crazy watermarks (so addictive, am I crazy?!?!), please enjoy my tiny collection~!


    tpf7.JPG tpf1.jpg tpf2.jpg tpf3.jpg tpf4.jpg
  2. omg, its beautiful!! thanks for sharing!
  3. You have a very nice collection!!! For your age it is a dream collection!!! Congratulations and welcome!!!
  4. Great collection! I love every piece!
  5. i love your speedy! what is it called?
  6. Great collection! thanks for sharing! :smile:
  7. I adore the mirage, it's just super gorgeous !
  8. Lol, I see you've been bit by the tPF bug....lotsa new LVs! ;) I love your mirage, it's gorgeous.
  9. Great beginning collection! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Thanks for sharing ... my former love was LV so I know how addictive they are .. heck all bags are addictive! :smile:
  11. Very nice collection!!
    We're the same age heheh :p
  12. Beautiful mirage!
  13. Thanks for sharing
  14. beautiful collection! especially the mirage!
  15. Beautiful!