1. [​IMG]

    I want this! It's on elxux new arrivals...but waaaaayyy over my budget right now
  2. whoops...elux
  3. ^^ O:huh:O!! Someone get her!!
  4. mmmmmm.... very hot bag!!! :drool:
  5. Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone get it quick.
  6. Kathy for some reason when I look at the bag, it has your name all over it? :confused1:
  7. That's one hot bag.
  8. if i had the money, id put it in my cart.
  9. That is so very yummy.
  10. I have this bag. Its great. I hope someone got it.
  11. Very yummy indeed! Saw one IRL and it was way too big for me. Got the smaller version instead!
  12. I love that one..it's a little big, but so pretty.
  13. Ooohhh... Do I detect some enabling here?;)
  14. I love the bag too..but it's too pricy for me..

  15. I saw this IRL. I love the color combo, but the lady carrying it looked the bag was dragging her forward!