yummy yummy Chicken

  1. Here's a recipe that we love in our house.

    You'll need
    1 chicken cut into pieces
    1 mushroom soup mix (sift to remove mushrooms and mix should remain as a "powder" you don't actually make the soup)
    1 cup of wine approximately (sometimes i use more :smile:)
    1 carrot cut into thin strips
    same amount of celery cut into thin strips also.

    Place carrot and celery at the bottom of your cooking dish. Coat chicken with mushroom soup mix and put on top of carrots and celery. Pour wine from the corner of the dish not to remove coating from chicken. Sometimes I add a tiny bit of water too. Cover and cook for approximately 1.5 hours at 200celcius, remove foil/cover and cook to brown chicken turning occasionally.

  2. Now this sounds good! I am really going to make this as soon as it cools off enough to be able to have the oven on that long without turning the stately several square foot spaciousness of Puff Palace into a sauna that requires the air conditioner to run at full throttle for the whole day.

    But I'll be honest, I'm not going to sift the mushrooms out. In fact, I was thinking of adding more mushrooms at some point during the cooking process. And I bet it will still be good.

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  3. This does sound good! I agree with Shimma, though; I'll leave the mushrooms in too.
  4. ^I agree. I love mushrooms. Sounds deelish!
  5. In the original recipe it does say to keep the mushrooms and to also add some more fresh ones...so I'm sure it will be just as yummy! Let me know if anyone makes it.
  6. thanks for the recipe!

    i'm kind of a cooking novice and was wondering if you could clarify some things for me. how much chicken do you use? and also, does it matter what type of wine i use (red or white)?

    do you cook this in a sauce pan type thing or a pot or a frying pan? and is it okay if the mushroom soup mix mixes with the whine and stuff or is it supposed to kind of form a crust on the chicken? oh and last question i promise-do i cook this in the oven or on top of the stove? whew that was a lot of questions but this recipe sounds delicious and i really really want to try it! thanks!! :tup:
  7. Hi.

    Sorry for not being very specific. I use one whole chicken cut into pieces (regular size chicken) and white wine. I cook it in anything oven safe that will fit the whole chicken so that the pieces are not overlapping. There will be a crust on the chicken once you've uncovered and brown the chicken but there will also be a thick sauce at the bottom of the dish. I hope this is clear. Good luck!
  8. thanks! i might cook this for my bf this weekend...if not for myself next week. can't wait to try it! :smile: