Yummy treats for cats?

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  1. I never give my cat treats. What do you treat your cat with?

    I wanna give my kitty a tastey (but healthy) Christmas treat :love:
  2. My two kittens have chronic tummy troubles and can't have most treats because of the junk they put in them. But I was also looking for a tasty stocking stuffer for them and came accross freeze dried shrimp at my local Petsmart. The only ingredient is shrimp, none of that yucky filler stuff in regular treats. I haven't given the treats to my kitties yet, as they are a Christmas present, so I'm not sure if they'll like the taste yet, but they definitely seem healthier than the other varieties I've come across.
  3. You can try even boiled, unprocessed, unseasoned chicken breast or turkey. Also, you could look for those freeze dried chicken and turkey like in the pet stores that sells organic petfood... My Christmas present to my cats is this Innova canned food which they love! Most of my cats are not treat eaters...
  4. My cats won't eat treats, nor tuna, turkey, chicken, anything! LOL!! All they want is their cat food. I gave up trying to spoil them with fun food. They're both nine years old now and just refuse to eat anything but Iams crunchies and Fancy Feast canned food.
  5. My kitties LOVE Halo's "Live-A-Little" dog/cat treats. Halo is a pretty holistic company and seem to make "cleaner" foods for pets. The treats are freeze dried human grade, chemical free fish, chicken or beef. The only thing is they are high in protein so, they have to be given only as a treat and not as a meal.
  6. One more.......when I trim my kitties nails I give them this treat....its called Kitty Kaviar!! It's made from Bonito which is a fish. There are no by-products or preservatives in it but, again, because of the high amount of protein in this particular product, I only give the kitties this as a very special treat and use the Live A Little chicken treats more.
  7. Petco sells cat treats in little green bags, called Greenies or something like that. My cat adores them!!!! I bought him this expensive "Catviar" made with real caviar and he wouldn't touch it, but he loves these cheap little Petco treats. They're supposed to help clean their teeth as well!
  8. I bought a small can of fancy feast cat food for him and he LOVED it

  9. My cats go crazy for greenies, my one cat farts really bad from them..but the little one is ok. I have to limit them as I cant stand that one stinky cat farting all day! :yucky:
  10. most cats looovveee catnip and its kinda a treat. very entertaining to watch a 'drunk' cat with catnip.
  11. My cat loves greenies. But I highly advise against giving them. I don't trust them as treats or a company after everything I've read about them.

    Now, I give my cats treats from a brand called Organix. They sell them at petco and whole foods. They come in seafood, chicken and cheese flavors. I've given my cat seafood and chicken.

    What we also use as treats: My cat also loves chicken and tuna. Sometimes I'll save a little bit for him (unseasoned) when I'm cooking. We were also recommended to feed him science diet's oral care food, but we don't give it to him all the time. He loves that food. (I think he just likes to play with it.) We'll also give him some wet food occasionally.

    My cat is a spoiled brat. :P
  12. My cat loves the Purina shrimp and tuna treats. They are supposed to be good for his teeth as well, so it is a "healthy" snack. And the best thing is, I can get a big jar of them at Target for $1.84! They also sell them at the grocery store and at Petco, PetSmart, etc.
  13. Both my bengal and burmese love skinless grilled turkey or chicken or icecream or prawns (or shrimp).

    My bengal also loves tuna in springwater.