Yummy Pewter Weekender

  1. Wow - that is a gorgeous bag!
  2. LOVE pewter! And this one looks mint!
  3. Me likey :roflmfao:
    I'm trying to see if the seller would go any lower though... :graucho::graucho:
  4. Love your new avatar!

    I've tried twice to see if she'll go down on price, and she's never even responded:sad: :crybaby: . Good luck. Maybe she's ready to sell now and will make a deal. If she does, please know that I contributed to wearing her out:graucho:
  5. It is soooo cool and space-age
  6. This bag has been for sale since JUNE!!! I think it's priced too high...
  7. Deco - That's funny; I've had replies - two now actually, and I'm awaiting a response to another BO I made. Actually.. I think it's a HE, cos the email that came back to me was from "Henry" (or was it Harry?) :p I was surprised, cos I always thought the purse maniacs were mostly women! I certainly hope he'll be willing to go down this time... keeping my fingers crossed!

    Esiders - Aren't weekenders usually about $1400+? Do you know how much the pewter originally retailed for? :shrugs:
  8. OMGAWD!!!!

    I want this!!! It's beautiful!! But I'm SO majorly broke!! :crybaby:
  9. I think it's a very fair price since the weekender is $1495! But he should really go down in price some since it hasn't moved in forever. I think if he added BO or went down a little it would get sold fast. I can't believe no one has bought it yet, but it has been in his store so maybe not many people have seen it?
  10. I think its priced too high because it's been on sale for $1400 since June and no one has bought it. I bought my pewter weekender from LVLady99 for $899 and that was after she listed it for several weeks and lowered the price.
  11. I too, have contacted this gal (if I remember correctly - her name is Idy) about this bag. She told me that she wouldn't lower the price for two reasons:
    1. Weekenders retail from $1395 and up (I believe the price was increased this past year)
    2. This is from the '05 Metallics Season and was very popular; therefore, the rarity of the bag warrants a higher starting bid.
    Alas, my funds are depleted for the time being :sad: :cursing: !!
  12. The pewter weekender I bought from LVLady was from the 2004 Metallics season, so it's more "valuable" than the one selling for $1400. I guess the seller paid a lot of money for it and wants to recoup what she put in.
  13. Yeah, you're right ... the '04 Metallics would be more valuable, but eBay is such a strange place as of late. I had two '04 Metallics up (Orange & Rouge) in an extremely rare style ... got LOTS of questions and interest, but 'lo and behold, no sale ...
  14. Damn. Now I don't know if I should hold out and wait for him to drop the price... or just buy it since he may not. Arrggghh. :shrugs: