Yummy peony Hayden messenger-size matters

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  1. Actually bought both . Had a peek at pink , but going back today.:amuse:
  2. Ohh was it TOO pink? I was surprised at how bright it was when I saw it, but I still like it :smile:
  3. Yes fuzz , a bit like bubblegum!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ohh I missed this thread, Jane you look fab! Lovely messenger style, I prefer 'landscape' shape messenger, great colour!!

    Sorry to hear pink is going back - but didn't you take pics at all? (sorry :blush: I'm so nosey!!)
  5. There's a peony hayden shoulder on ebay ratrat, which shows the colour well if you wanted an idea of what it's like
  6. The pink is really, really bright.
    I wanted the pink Hayden so much, but the leather seems so delicate. Do you think it's going to be a problem?
  7. Ladycf, I think it's definitely one you need to be more careful with than say NVT. I don't think you could sling it about carelessly as the soft coating of the leather might scratch.
  8. Jane you look absolutely fab! What a gorgeous bag, she really suits you! Gingerbread is such a lovely colour too, congratulations :yahoo:
  9. that's really nice, just the right size
  10. Thanks Fuzzy, Just had a peep - it is really candyfloss pink, isn't it? No I'm happy with my two pink babies better. Phew! It will suit somebody very well I'm sure, but not for me. Back to Ginger.... however I just heard there will be plum Alexa... This is no ending! :P
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