Yummy peony Hayden messenger-size matters

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  1. :confused1:I am awaiting my pink baby Hayden-had to check the size though with Mulberry -just didnt look right. It wasnt -not 24cms ht -told me 10 cms still sounds wrong-hey ho I shall wait in antisipation.
  2. ^ Its dreadful how often Mulberry gets their own sizes wrong on their own bags!!!

    The Alexa sizing was completely wrong too :biggrin:

    When is yours arriving, I cannot wait to see what you think
  3. oh and wanted to add, your avatar of your cav is beautiful :biggrin:
  4. The size was stated wrong for th Bonnie as well according to Sitrus Thread. How hard can it be !!
  5. Tomorrow I hope-I see you are in the pink too:smile:

    My cav is as vain as me!!!
  6. ^ Yes, loving the 2010 Mulberry pinks - they are lovely! :biggrin:

    oh I have not met a cav yet thats not completely vain - my fave dogs!!! :biggrin:
  7. I totally agree, the new pinks are gorgeous and I will definately be owning something pink this year. Alexa and Hayden are both in the ring and serious contenders!
  8. Ohh I'm looking forward to seeing your reveal. I saw the leather sample for the Peony Hayden and it was just gorgeous! :biggrin:
  9. im really looking forward to your reveal and maybe modelling pics... please im thinking this would be the perfect summer bag...
  10. Is it here yet?? Looking forward to the reveal :graucho: & the true measurements ;)
  11. i think the bright pinks are in this year, last year everyone was purple mad!
  12. No b not yet , I'm soooooooooooooooooo impatient :rolleyes:
  13. This dimensions lark is absolutely appalling! There are three or four new bags that we know about for whome the dimensions are totally wrong!
  14. Swopped for gingerbread -pink too young for me!!!!!!!!! Love it to bits . Put a post on Hayden House

    Measurements are 28cms x 18cms- if you squidge it flat I guess Mulberry could manage 30cms x24 cms!!

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  15. I was just about to ask what happened to the pink! Did you actually receive the pink and send it back? Or swap before it shipped?
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