Yummy or Yucky?

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  1. yum (i just ate it for lunch :smile:

    raw green chili?
  2. YES! YES!

    Raw Bananas? :p
  3. yucky .... wait is it a trick q? is there a cooked version (other than the fried version i know of :nuts: :drool:)

    fried banana? (ie goreng pisang)
  4. Yummy! But once at a food court, their goreng pisang smelt foul... I think they were using crap flour or oil or something, but it gave me a headache for the rest of the day....

    1,000 Year Egg? (ie. preserved egg?/Century egg?)
  5. yucky ... i don't like it but dh loves it lol

    salted duck egg?
  6. YUMMY! Love em!

  7. yummy :drool:

    Konnyaku Jelly?
  8. Yucky.... Don't like them at all...

    Same Q.
  9. never tried it

  10. :drool:

    Prickly Pears?
  11. Never had them.

    California rolls?
  12. Yummy.

    PB & J on a bagel?
  13. Never heard of them :confused1:

  14. Yum

    Portabello Mushroom (in my dinner tonight)
  15. Yummy!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.