Yummy Online Catalog - ID a bag please?

  1. I love the white hobo on pages 70-71 of the online BV spring/summer catalog. Anyone know the name and price? I probably wouldn't choose white but it's just lovely.

    And I also can't get over those TDF little clutches. MUST have one someday!! Thanks!
  2. GT...I forget the name on it and it is a stunning bag in person. I tried it on and it is comfy, BUT...make sure you try it on before you buy. I am very short and the bag really overwhelmed me. It is for a larger person and or a much taller person than me. I was actually laughed at by the SA's. They told me they sold one to a larger woman and it suit her perfectly.

    100% GORGEOUS...just try before buying.
  3. It's so beautiful, isn't it? It's called Pergamena Intrecciato Cervo Bag, $3200. The bag on the left has the same name, tho they are clearly different bags and it retails for $2760. I don't think I've seen it IRL. Kellybag, you actually see so many of the nice bags.
  4. Thank you so much ladies!
  5. Tip for navigating the online catalog (NOT the online shopping page) -- just click on the "descriptions", and it will list the name and price of each item as it appears on the page. Great function!
  6. ^ oh thanks!!! back to the catalog now...
  7. They are beautiful.
  8. OMG what a stunning bag!! I am so loving Bottega these days!