Yummy new Silverados

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  1. I'm loving this gray/black and the new Silverado style with lots of pockets :love: (on aloharag.com)

    Love it in the original style too

    DELISH :girlsigh:

    This one is pretty yummy

    My only issue with the Silverado styles is that the straps didn't seem to stay on my shoulder properly. I get that annoying one strap falling half down my arm thing :sad:
  2. OOOh, i like the hobos..... a lot!
  3. I love those!!
  4. Funny thing about the outside pockets in my silverado, i could only fit one thing.. like my keys or my cell phone... they're tiny.. but a very necessary part of the design. I love the silverado.

    I wonder if the hobos have those easy access side pockets like the original size silverado...
  5. pretty but i prefer the original style...
  6. I usually love pockets, but I'm not yet convinced with this new style... I think I'm still hung up on the original one :love:
  7. Same here hatikuh! :yes: