YUMMY~~My 2007 first LV!!!!

  1. So I went to Collins st LV store to pick up my hot stamps, and I saw the new Candy Apple Red vernis line, absolutely L-O-V-E it!! The color is soooo rich and yummy!! After about 20 mins debating between the small accessories, I picked up the zippy wallet :yahoo: (apparently the last one in store:graucho:) . I already have a Groom pochete wallet, which i love soooo much!! Now i think its time i give another style a try, plus im afraid the outside cc slots (on vernis pochette wallet) will get some color transfer after i put my cards in....:sweatdrop:. I asked the SA about it, he said theres a possibility it might happen, so thats pretty much the deal breaker for me.

    It is my very first vernis piece, I'm sooo excited and also scared....:sweatdrop: (the vernis leather just seems so delicate...:shame:smile:!! So please, vernis experts~give some care advises:idea:!!!!!!

    Give me a couple of mins, pics will be up soon!!!!!!:love:
  2. Congrats! I don't think this color will give you trouble. It's pretty dark and it should hold its own very well.
  3. OOOOHHH CONGRATS! I LOVE This colour, planning on a brentwood (still deciding) But definitely want the heart shaped purse and cles! Can't Wait for pics! I dont own vernis so I can't answer your question but I am sure someone will!
  4. :wlae:Congrats! The zippy is so huge, all that yummy shimmer! :wlae:
  5. Oh that must be gorgeous! Congratulations! Please post pictures.
  6. Ooh congrats!! Looking forward to the pics!
  7. Hahahaha congratzz:yes: sounds yummy from there
  8. I kinda want to eat candy apple now...mmmmm SWEET!
  9. Just a few more mins, i'm resizing the pics right now!!

    Hmm..actually the zippy wallet is slightly bigger than the pochette wallet or PTI, the zippy organizer is HUGE :sweatdrop:.
  10. The Vernis Apple Red Zippy Wallet:

    Inside the wallet:

    Heat-stamps on my MC Petit Noe Tag & Groom vachetta keyring:


    Inside my MC petit noe today:
  11. :blush::lol: Well... I'm a ludlow kinda girl so that one felt big in the store. Your pics are beauuuuutiful!! :tender:
  12. All I can do is :drool::drool::drool::drool:
    Congrat's, You made a wonderful purchase.

  13. Beautiful!!! I have a question about the heat stamp (this could be in the FAQ thread). Do they make it in the LV store? I meant I could get the stamp immediately in the store or I need to wait...
  14. That color is beautiful....congrats on your new addition. :smile:
  15. LOVE it. i still can't decide what i want but i'm definitely going to pick up something in this color. by far best red ever!! congrats!