Yummy Metallics!

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  1. Gals,

    I am lusting over anything in ottone or armatura. Being new to BV, I am assuming the mettalics come in the Spring/Summer season, but just wondering if there are "classic" mettalic colors that make an appearance every year, or are they different each year? :graucho:
  2. Baccarat, baccarat, baccarat...I am also a lover of BV metallics, but finding them is hard work:yes:!! I think next year BV will be bringing some out for A/W 2010. There are some like Dust around , the other ladies and gents will be able to help more, I am still learning about BV.:tup:
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    Last edited: Dec 16, 2010
    Baccarat - There are no "classic" metallics. They are, as you suspected, seasonal.

    Here is a run down of them from recent years.

    1. Ottone/Brass same color, different name when done in different leathers because of the different looks. Ottone a subtle gold when done in goat/napa, but brownish gold looking in exotics.
    2. Ottone overlay on goat, two types. One was over purple, and the other over green. Both are long gone, and were Resort 08.
    3. Peltro - distressed silver, and unfortunately discontinued. My favorite ever!
    4. Platino Ossidato - a sort of gold looking heavily pigmented metallic. Looks like a cross between gold and silver, but more on the gold end of the family. From 2008
    5. Platino - A distressed oxidized silver, much darker than Peltro. Seen in 2008, mostly on the Illusion bags.
    6. Rame = copper. Same effect as Ottone in that it can be subtle or heavily coated and shiny. In 2009
    7. Rame Ossidato, or oxidized copper. This has areas of green verdigris incorporated. 2009.
    8. Original Armatura - Mostly in Asia, also Hawaii. It is a heavy coating on the leather, a cross between gold and silvery graphite. Color shifts in light.
    9. Elephant Armatura - Armatura on top of Elephant colored leather. Looks more brownish than original Armatura. 2009
    10. Dust - solid, heavy metallic gold. More of an antique gold than a bright yellow gold. Think 24 carat instead of 10 carat.
    11. Matita Specchio - This is a graphite grey with flecks of mica rubbed into the leather. Overall effect is lively gray metallic sheen. Think of the Belly bags in SS2009
    12. Ferro - Also called Iron, depending on the leather used. It is a metallic grey that has a color shifting quality to reveal some blue/green. It is the most subtle of the metallic colors. 2008-09.

    BV does the most wonderful metallics. Lots of people realizes this, and that is why they sell out so fast and are hard to find on the secondary market. Everything Ottone has sold out at the boutiques. Original Armatura may be available, and the best bet is to contact the assistant manager at the Kalakaua boutique.
  4. Thank you so much jburgh and sammyjoe for your replies. Jburgh, thanks so much for that thorough list of metallic types. Of those listed, I have only seen Dust and Matita with mica IRL. The rest I have seen only through TPF, and I can only imagine how stunning they must look in person.

    Do you happen to know the contact info for the Kalakaua boutique? Is that posted in the BV shopping thread? Thanks for your help, I'm new to BV and TPF. Love it!:biggrin:
  5. Yay, jburgh the walking BV database to the rescue!!:broom:
  6. Thanks for the reply JBurgh, so full of information!!!
  7. Yes, here http://forum.purseblog.com/bottega-veneta-shopping/list-of-bv-boutiques-and-contact-information-384583.html

    There are tons of resources in this forum :graucho:
  8. ^^yeah, jburgh is pretty cool, huh? I think she has all of these colors. I have seen her Peltro and Ottone IRL and she rocks them both!
  9. :P:P:P Nope - only 9 of them :P:P:P
  10. #11 Nov 4, 2009
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    9 out of 12 listed aint too bad :P 75%

    i have a Rame slg and a Dust slg.... I love them both but I love Rame more than Dust.
  11. Jburgh - i bow to you! wow!

    Armatura and elephant armatura venetas are still available in hawaii if you are interested. I think hawaii was the only place to get them in the US? feel free to PM me if you need an SA there.
  12. Dust is lovely. Btw, what does "slg" mean? I see that acronym a lot and have no idea. I'm new here. Thanks! :biggrin:
  13. Thank you doloresmia! I am interested in contacting an SA and getting a price quote/info. Unfortunately I don't have PM capability yet since I just joined! I will PM you as soon as I am able to! Thanks. :biggrin:
  14. LOL, sorry forgot you were new - you can do a search as i post a lot of pictures for my SM in Hawaii - Bryan - bv.luxury@gmail.com. he can send you pix on armatura and armatura elephant venetas and for quotes on pricing you can look at the bv website.

    please note, you could also easily look on the bv website for information on the stores in hawaii and just call someone. all BV SAs are very nice.