yummy marron weekender on e-bay $1299 BIN

  1. That bag is beautiful!!!!!!! Some great PFer get it, please, I beg of you with aaallabama!
  2. Yes, this bag is AMAZING. I just got one for my BF's mom and the leather is TDF! It is so soft and smooshy. The leather is very smooth and not veiny, and the color is perfect for Fall and a timeless classic.

    Let me go upload more pics to convince you gals...
  3. So in the photo is the 04 Marron Weekender, 06 Emerald Courier, and 06 Truffle City.

    I had to put the Courier and Weekender on the floors because they're so soft they just sink down. The Truffle is stuffed so it is standing.

    Notice how the Marron is very smooth and thick and has almost no veins. The Emerald has some veins to it but still on the thicker side. The Truffle leather is thinner and very veiny and distressed looking.