yummy magenta hobo!!!

  1. Beautiful, this color is so amazing!
  2. goodluck mommy "I" on your auction!!!!:heart: :drool:
  3. Awwwwwwww :shame: - thank you sweetie for posting :flowers: ! I promise to NOT change my auction (price!) ;) :yes: :love: :heart:
  4. firstclass1... it's gorgeous!!!! =) i wanna get it... i wanna get it.... but i just bought 2... bleahhhh...
  5. firstclass your magenta day is Goooooorgeous!!!:drool:
    Good luck with your sale!!:idea:
  6. Good luck on the sale firstclass1! It's a gorgeous bag!
  7. I sooooo want this bag...!
  8. Get it!:yahoo: It's such a pretty color!:yes:
  9. Beautiful. I'm not a magenta girl, but in this style it looks great!
    Good Luck to potential buyers and FC!!
  10. Good Luck First :yahoo: :flowers: !!!

    But do you really need luck ;) ...
    ...with a such beautiful bag:love: !!!
  11. Awwwwwwwww thank you guys for all the nice words :shame: - you're my very best friends :love: :heart: what would I do without you :confused1: ?! THANK YOU :flowers:
  12. Good luck with your auction, First! Your magenta hobo is BEEEEEYOOOOOOOTIFUL!
  13. What a pretty bag!!!!!!! :love:
    Someone out there sure is lucky who gets it!!!!!!
  14. wow first, that bag is TDF! Good luck on your auction :flowers:
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