yummy Loaf (of paddington)

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  1. DAMN.. go find that buyer, hon, and let's see can WE buy it!!:graucho:
  2. they do pop up every now and again!!
  3. I was looking at the craie loaf on ebay uk and reading her comments and she seems a bit crazy. Saying she sold two other loafs for $1700-$1900 is she serious?
    They didn't cost that brand new in the shops did they?
    The loaf I missed out on was in the uk a baby tan I got outbid at the last second and was so annoyed, it went for 424 pounds I think, so she is in la la land with her 750 pounds BIN
  4. Yes.... she's way over expectant in her pricing. And, I checked her feedback, if she sold those pricey loafs, she did not sell them on ebay.
  5. expensive and a liar not good!
  6. Well.. TBH, I cannot say that she's lying, but as best I can tell, if she got those prices, was not on ebay.
  7. those python chain bettys pop up in cream on ebay to!!
    for about £300+ ive seen a couple now!
  8. Well, I would just flat FAINT:faint: over that price!!
  9. I just bought myself a tan medium loaf! I will post pictures when she arrives:smile:
  10. #130 Sep 10, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2008
    Atta girl! And probably at a deal too!:tup:
    And post pics in the Ref Library, too, as there are only a couple of loaf pixs there!
  11. that's a good idea about posting in the ref library, there seems to be a lot of differences from the normal paddy, which would be good to show.
    I'm actually excited about seeing it IRL as I have been looking around since april for one.

    Did anyone have any luck talking any sense into the craie loaf seller, or is she still fixed on her price?
    Maybe someone should show her the us listings for loafs so she can see what sort of price they have gone for recently?