yummy Loaf (of paddington)

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  1. in case this hasnt' been posted, its beautiful!:tup:
  2. ^^^ That is just gorgeous. The colour is amazing! Thanks for posting.
  3. gorgeous colour, fab TPFer to!
  4. Yes, lovely bag, it's a large one right?
  5. Just FYI - there have been two offers on the CRAIE loaf, one has expired without even a response from the seller. Seems rather rude to not even respond IMO. :tdown:
  6. I'm very impatient when it comes to making offer. If the buyer doesn't accept or reject my offer within around 24 hours I often retract it so I can move on and look for something else.

    There's nothing worse than putting an offer in and waiting and waiting to see if its going to be accepted.

    Although to contratict myself, when my creme baby paddy was on ebay I received 2 offers under £100, I didn't even acknowledge them.
  7. lol the expired offer was mine!!! rude indeed!
  8. ^^^ LOL.. very rude of the seller.
  9. Why do people have the best offer option and not accept them if within reason?
  10. oh i know, some want the buy now price! lol
    so why have best offer, the craie loaf is way over priced, the grenat one is a much better price IMO!!
  11. The grenat is TDF! :nuts: And I'm sure the seller would respond much faster :yes: I would be all over it if I had the $$
  12. Oh Lord, I should have known! :roflmfao:
    RUDE, INDEED! A simple "no thank you"... maybe??
  13. I know.. the grenat is a buy.. and if red were even in my realm of colors, I'd have already snatched that baby UP! Somebody is going to get a deal on that loaf!
    The craie seller is out of the ballpark. I have not yet seen one sell for over $900.... and that was a RARE loaf in MINT condition. Alot of ladies don't want the loaf style.
  14. TBH the most i have seen one go for in the uk is £300 and that was a craie one!