yummy Loaf (of paddington)

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  1. It looks huge to me! Definately the regular size. I think I much prefer the baby loafs- easier to manage the flap opening too i imagine :yes:
  2. ooh i think the baby loafs are so cute!
  3. As much as I loved my three Paddy loaf bags, there were hard to get in/out of with the lid zipper sitch ;)

    Adorable tho :P

  4. There is also some discussion as to is this loaf craie or sable? And opinions vary..... from the pix, some look craie, some look pinker like sable...?? Was the loaf made in sable?
  5. Mmm, my craie looked just like that one, very pink is some lights :yes:

    While I have never heard of a sable loaf, it's possible :shrugs:

  6. Thank you for your response hmwe46. I think I am off to the ref lib to see what I can determine about loaf colors. I did ask for more close-up photos, but no response yet. That might help.
  7. Check out the top of this thread: I merged it with one we had ages ago :yes:

    As far as we could tell they only came in Blue Nuit, Craie, Grenat, Tan, and Black. I owned one of each of the first thread :shame:

  8. Yes'm, read thru the whole thread already, and also searched the ref lib for color combos... finding only your post about the color styles and combos. Lucky you... they are boogers to find!:P And quite pricey.
    Do you still have any of your loafs?
  9. I have seen a whiskey one! it was on ebay.au a while ago, but again very expensive and the potential customs put me off. There's a whiskey mini picture somewhere on the TPF aswell, as I was looking for pics and found it

    As far as getting it open, is it better with more in it or less inside it, does it keep it's shape?
    I've never seen one IRL

  10. Gosh I am suprised at that. I thought the loaf would be much bigger than a regular paddy.

  11. I'm quoting myself now - how lame!

    Anyway I just noticed that the seller has responded to a question regarding the colour by saying

    "Hi, I am pretty sure that this colour is known as craie, it has a slight pinky undertone to it as opposed to the creamy off white colour. I thought sable was one of the brown/chestnut coloured bags. I am not a member of tpf but probably should be for the amount of bags I buy, is it easy to join? Louise."

    I've informed her that sable has the pinky undertone, and craie is a creamy off-white. The mystery continues! :faint:
  12. ive seen this to, i dont think we will know unless someone manages to get the bag!
    to me on my computer it looks VERY peachy/pink!
  13. Nope, I sold all my loaves, they were just very hard to get into, and still with the heavy :shame:

    But I miss them the most :crybaby:

    Anyway, I dug up a pic of my old Craie Loaf and it looks identical to the one on eBay :yes: The trim color is the same and the pinkish undertone really comes out against the cream colored lining.
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