yummy Loaf (of paddington)

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    Ellie, there are tons of threads out there, just search craie chloe

    Here is a small part if my collection incuding a craie loaf and other close to white Chloe's,.

    I bought my craie loaf from hmwe46, here is one of her gorgeous shots of it.

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  2. Thanks for sharing, ReRe. I had seen your 4 white/off whites in the ref library. LOVE that craie loaf!
  3. Any luck on your search yet Ellie Mae:heart:
  4. Oh no, nowhere to hunt a loaf except on ebay, and those only come up in a rare blue moon. However, I have spotted a paddy pocket tote that's most interesting, so I trying to ferret it out in the meantime.
    I like the loaf styles, but appears to be few colors to be had, and few in numbers. Shall be a "someday" bag, I am sure....
  5. ReRe, you are correct. TONS of posts, but unfortunately, from a good while back and almost all of the photos are gone. Pity... that bags gorgeous and those photos were worthy of keeping posted 4ever. Thanks for sharing yours.:tup:
  6. they do pop up on ebay from time to time going for about £300, so keep you eyes peeled!
  7. I shall watch out for one for you:tup:
  8. Pixie01 & BMB - THANK YOU... extra eyes always appreciated!:heart:
  9. Hi Pixie01... yes'm sure did. Grenat just not my color. From the research I have done, the loaf does not appear to have been made in very many colors. Craie appears to be the only color I really desire. And I am sure I shall be an old woman when I find one, but I shall be ready w/ my basket on my scooter so that I can still tote my paddys around!:roflmfao:
    Thank for watching!:heart:
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  11. It is so gorgeous hardcore_harlot, definetly pricey, but:cloud9:
  12. OMG... and I don't even have my scooter w/ the basket yet!:faint:
  13. lovely color, but very expensive. It's also baby sized isn't it? It looks small?
  14. I am pretty sure it's the Medium size as it's the same size as the Reg Paddy Satchel in the last pic ;)

    I had a Blue Nuit mini-loaf and it was much smaller :yes:

    HTH :flowers: