yummy Loaf (of paddington)

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  1. how cute! love it...
  2. What a Paddy :drool::drool::drool:!
  3. Very collectable now i should think, nice to ahve something different
  4. I still want a baby whiskey loaf, so it will look like I'm carrying a tiny loaf of bread around. One TPFer has one and I love it!
  5. That craie below is FAB.... almost looks like a little saddle, the way it is sitting. I'm on a HUNT for bread....
  6. I have what I believe to be an authentic paddy loaf. I posted it in authenticate and there was some question reguarding the lock. Here is my hopefully authentic paddy loaf. I don't know what I did with the lock at the moment. The darker picture is with no color correction.

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  7. Thank you Adrian. I am really liking this newly-discovered style.
    Where have I been????????:shrugs:
  8. Is it black, it's very cute!
  9. Looks green to me...
  10. Yes - Ellie is right - It's green - not sure of it's chloe color name...Jade???
  11. Wow, you have better eyes than me ellie may and I have a jade paddy, I really thought it was black!
    adrian is it an 2006 bag?
  12. May be your monitor and not really your eyes....:nuts:
  13. its black i think.
  14. I think it's a black 05!? pics of the inside zipper would help...!
  15. im loving this bag too.. i wish they had it in more colours ... but im just soo in love wiht paddies at the moment.. theyre all soo perfect
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