yummy Loaf (of paddington)

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  1. *sigh* the loaf is so fun and pretty. It's a great twist on the Paddy and totally changes the shape. Love it!
  2. I think the loaf is the most useful shape, with a secure zippered main compartment and without the flappy-lock-hasp-thingy ;)
  3. I'm really enjoying the side pockets on mine. I am coveting your blue nuit, she is so tiny and so sweet. I want the quilt too. What is your address again....just kidding.
  4. delicious loaves, everyone!! lol! :biggrin:
  5. LOL!!!

    I do love that quilt too :heart:

    It's put away for the summer though so I have to find other photo ops ;)

  6. This is actually the thread that I have been looking for. I saw the Loaf for the first time a little while ago while surfing through pics online. I couldn't find it anywhere IRL or for purchase online and now I know why. I :heart: this bag. Truly.
  7. I've finally started using one of my twin craie loaf bags and I'm loving this color, really finding it hard to get back to using my blanc bowler!
  8. I recently saw a craie load on ebay--
  9. I have stumbled onto PADDY LOAF and think I NEED one of these, but I would like to see some PIX of top/front/back if you have one... THANKS.

    Were these strictlly 05 bags?
  10. Ooh I'd love to see the one you found- im aways curious about them. I believe they were just 05 bags yes and D&G rockstar has two so she will proably have some pics postaed on here of hers :smile:
  11. Just D&G's grenat. I'd never seen a PADDY loaf b4. Wondering what other colors they come in and still trying to figure out that zipper. Looks like there's lots of outside pockets.... which is like my OBSESSION.
  12. I think theya re quite roomy. You also get a baby loaf which is just adorable but they dont come up much and can fetch pretty good prices on ebay. I have seem Cream, Blue Nuit, Grenat and the most common Tan :yes:
  13. ^ me too, i have only seen bleu nuit, tan, craie(damn that colour)grenat, not sure if they made any others as i think it was just for one season, the mediuim one is quite big, holds a lot
  14. Here is the most beautiful craie loaf:drool:, borrowed from the paddingtons ref library. They are beautiful aren't they. I missed out on one on ebay earlier in the year, went for about £300 I think:tup:

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