yummy Loaf (of paddington)

  1. So drooling over pictures on tPF I notice several people have the paddington loaf (or mini loaf). ANYWAY, that style has really grown on me and I am in love and so have a few questions about them.
    1) is the style known by any other name or description other than a 'paddington mini loaf' as I have found nothing on the internet and wonder if I should be searching other another name?
    2) What season/s did they come out in? Are they still made?
    3) Are they quite rare? Where can I find one?
    4) How much can I expect to pay?
    5) What colours were they released in?
    6) Are there 2 seperate sizes?

    Phew, sorry everyone, that's a LOT of questions(and questions within questions!). Any answers would be greatly appreciated and I'd love to see pics of some too for those people that have them. Thanks again in advance!!! And sorry for super long post!:heart: Eve
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    As far as I know, there are two loaf sizes, the regular (about same size as a paddy) and the mini, about three quarters the size of a regular paddy. I believe they were only made in 05.

    From what I have seen they came in four colors: craie (see +Sonja+'s gorgeous avatar!!), tan (D&G Rockstar has one), grenat (I was lucky enough to find one) and bleu nuit (again, courtsey of a sweet gal, I was lucky enough to find one).

    I have only seen the mini's in grenat and bleu nuit. I have never seen a large bleu nuit.
  3. Love the colors of those Paddys:heart: , gougeous. I'm going crazy for the blue:yes:
  4. I love the loaf style, too...wish CHLOE would come out w/ it again!
  5. gorgeous colors. Loving the red paddy.
  6. I think the loaf also came in a black..! I love the loaf style....

    And it is rare, but they do pop up on eBay from time to time so who knows??
  7. I love the grenat loaf! :heart:
  8. Thanks everyone! I'll keep my eyes open to find one!.
    hmwe46, thanks so much for posting those pics, your bags are amazing. Especially the grenat, that is to die for!
  9. Hi: I have the large loaf in tan and I absolutely love it! I carry it without the padlock when I have a long day ahead of me and because of the way it zips shut, it does not matter whether you carry it with or without the padlock!!:smile: :smile:
  10. The loaf is now a rare paddington style! They didn't make plenty when they came out and are now discontinued. How I wish I'd gotten one when I could have, now I can only admire them from your pics, hmwe46!
  11. me too :sad: I hope one comes up on eBay some time this year.

    Hey stormy, do you have any pics of yours in tan you can post. I haven't ever seen a tan loaf!

  12. HI Yves: Believe it or not, I have not figured out how to download photos onto tPF yet:sad: :sad: . As soon as I do I will post photos. It is a lovely bag that I got from a wonderful fellow PF'r, so keep looking and maybe one will pop up for sale!!:yahoo:
  13. Yes, the loaf did came out in black, my cousin got one and it looks so lovely.
  14. Hey, +Sonja+!!!

    can you tell us the dimensions of your craie loaf??

    And D&G,

    can you tell us the dimensions of your grenat loaf and tan loaf??
  15. yup here's dimensions of my craie loaf:

    13'' x 6.5'' x 6.5'' +handles :yes: :yes:

    Sable paddington satchel in one of the pictures is regular/medium size, my loaf is maybe a hint smaller..?
    1 craie 024.jpg craie 013.jpg craie 057.jpg IMG_0028.JPG