Yummy Croc Prada!

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  1. I don't know if I am ready to enter the world of exotics but this looks so yummy!!! (at least I think this is croc...or is this croc embossed?)


    02-04-10_017.jpg 02-04-10_018.jpg
  2. gorgeous...
  3. It's croc-embossed leather and from the looks of the style, it's probably lined in pleather.
    I HOPE I'm wrong on the pleather though. This is a KILLA BAG!! :yahoo:
  4. :drool::drool: Beautiful!! I WANT IT!!
  5. :faint: ohhhh i would kill for that bag!
  6. So scrumptious! :nuts: And the color is amazing. Are you getting it? :graucho:
  7. Doesn't do it for me... But the colour is definitely amazing!
  8. This bag isn't 'doing' it for me either...Unless you are really familiar with Prada this looks like a no-name to me..maybe it's the color lol!
  9. I'm really not an exotics fan (upkeep is HELL!), though I do like the color/shape of this bag.

    I was lucky enough to be able to not only hold, but try on, paw, molest and otherwise fondle, as well as model a $40,000 croc Birkin in an H boutique once. I even told my SA that gorgeous as it was, it still looked like plastic to me. If I had the money for a Birkin, I'd stick to classic leathers. Same for Prada.
  10. Very nice...:tup: Unless you paid several thousands, it's most likely croco-embossed.

  11. I love it! If only it had silvertone hardware...
  12. So I just double checked with my SA and actually it's all real croc and 20k...
  13. ^^:shocked::faint: Guess I need to buy a lottery ticket.

  14. For that price, the only orange I want to see is Hermès.
  15. :yes::tup::yes: