Yummy Cornflower Box w/ BIN from a sweet PFer.

  1. thanks fendi:heart:
  2. SF, what happened? I thought you really liked your cornflower box? Do you prefer the city style?
  3. Hi Lizz, I do love the box so much, I just found that I never use it. I need a bigger bag b/c I'm always out with my kids who are no longer in diapers but I still need to carry extra things for them and the city is perfect for me. I feel bad just letting it sit there when I haven't used it once. If I sell it, i can make room for a black city which I know I'd use. It was very hard when I was taking pictures b/c I kept thinking how cute the box is and second guessing myself if I should sell it.
  4. Oh, I'm so sorry you didn't get that black city on eBay yesterday. It was an '05 with a BIN of $698.
  5. I know, by the time I saw the auction on here it was already gone:crybaby:
  6. Good luck, Scout!
  7. cute bag!!! why do i have to be on a bag ban now? argh....