Yummy Colours

  1. I've always liked BV for their colours but I must say this season the colours are so great! I just bought a small bag in glicine (a purple with lots of grey).

    My photos don't do the bag justice and I can't find it online yet. Love this colour and the 2 pinks they have - bourdoir and desert rose!

  2. Here is the mentioned Boudoir Intrecciato Nappa Messenger Bag, for reference purposes. Photo from the description page on the BV site.
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  3. That is a beautiful Color !!
  4. Yummy, indeed! I love BV pinks. So tempted to buy something in glicine.
  5. Okay. No good lighting but here's my attempt to photograph my bag in glicine IMG_1500391530.667543.jpg
  6. Wow how similar the color is to Boudoir -
  7. Poor lighting on my part. It's definite a lot more purple. I'd try to take one under natural lighting
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