Yummy Chocolate Reveal! =)

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  1. Yummy chocolate :tup: Enjoy !
  2. Thank you! :P

    Thank you! The leather is amazing! :nuts:

    Thank you! :P

    Thank you! :P

    The first 3 photos were taken with the iphone. Looks abit grainy. And the last photo taken with a camera in natural light. I love taking photos! :yahoo:

    Thank you! :P

    Yes it's fab!! I'm abit shy for modeling pics! Haha but I'll see what I can do! I've yet to bring it out but had spray the waterstop twice. It's sunny and humid here! Anyway my bf likes it too! LOL! :yahoo:
  3. Thank you! :P
    It's my first Mulberry and I'm glad I got the classic bay! Way to go! :yahoo:

    Thank you! :P It's really yummy and I spotted 3 bayswater recently!

    Thank you! :P
    I love your ink printed bay! And I would wanna go Paris too!!!! :yahoo:
  4. Thank you! :P
    Love looking all the bayswater reveals and photo @ tPf and I knew I had to get one!! :yahoo:

    Thank you! :P WoW lovely Mulberry collection you have there! :graucho:

    Thank you! :P
    I can't wait to bring her out! :biggrin:

    Thank you! :P
    Looking forward for your reveal?!!! :nuts:
  5. gorgeous congrats!
  6. Thank you, BMB! :P
    love your website!!
  7. Congrats and great choice for the 1st Mulberry ! :tup:
  8. Beautiful, so perfect and rich for autumn/winter ::heart::yes:
  9. You've done brilliantly in choosing a perfect classic bag, looks fab!
    Enjoy =)
  10. Thank you! :P
    And many more to come?! My wallet is not safe!

    Thank you! :P A great A/W!

    Thank you! :P
    Out of the 3: Oak, Black & Chocolate ... I prefer Choco!! :yahoo:
  11. Fabulous choice Psychedelico, I have a big birthday coming up soon and it's gonna be a Choc Bays treat for me, a stunning bag and it does more for me than almost any other Mulberry....... difficult I know but it's simply a beauty. Congratulations x
  12. Congrats, good choice for your first Mulberry, will last forever !
  13. Gorgeous choc bays - a great choice! Congtrats!
  14. Pretty!! I'm a big fan of chocolate, such a lovely rich brown.
  15. Its gorgeous, congratulations!