yummy '05 bordeaux city on e-bay $1100 or BO

  1. Oh my gosh!!! I just bought it- I'm freaking out!!! First B-Bag (and first bag anywhere near that much...but it's a anniversary AND Christmas gift :smile:. It's authentic right???
  2. YAY Betnyp!!!! Great choice! Yep, it's authentic and I can't wait to see pics!
  3. very nice! the leather looks yummy.
  4. It looks like someone got it. I'm disappointed, but somewhat relieved as I can stop trying to make a decision about it.
  5. congratulations. Great choice! I've been drooling over that and so happy you bought it and put me out of my misery! Please post pics when it arrives. The leather and color look fab!
  6. Congrats Betnyp! That's an amazing first bbag to have! The leather looks TDF. :drool:
  7. Congrats Betnyp!! Awesome Bbag!!
  8. how i dispise you. i wanted that bag! if you want to trade a bnwt rouge vif city- let me know...
  9. ohh beautiful leather!!
  10. Thanks so much for confirming the authenticity and sweet comments- I'll definitely post pics...can't wait!!!
    (I started a new thread about freaking out, so I'll leave this one alone):flowers:
  11. ^^ phew, thank god someone bought it!!! :angel:

    p.s. congrats to you betnyp, you did good girl :heart: