yummy 04 Eggplant city excellent condition, start bid $1899, $1999 BIN

  1. yikes on the price, but yummy bag :love:
  2. I liked the Lilac '04 price a lot better ... ;)
  3. I don't see it... Where is it?
  4. Found it! WOW it's gorgeous but the price is... :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  5. I saw that before- YIKES! The price is steep! GORGEOUS BAG!!!
  6. AHHH! The price is insane! But pretty bag nonetheless.
  7. that bag is TDF. If only I could afford it...

    The price is so high!
  8. it isn't rare enough to garner that price.
    i could only see someone like Dude being able to sell it for that much.
  9. That's crazy. As beautiful as it is, that's almost two BBags. There are plenty of easily available bags in lovely colors at reasonable prices. This is purely for the obssessed and rich.
  10. That is way overpriced.
  11. It's only overpriced if you don't want it that much. If it's somebody's dream bag, and here it is in perfect condition, it may well be worth it to them to sacrifice two other bags to get it. Doesn't necessarily imply that they are either obsessed or rich.
  12. eeek... so very expensive...
    well... the bag itself though... speechless
  13. I do agree with LP that it is worth it if it is your dream bag! If it is somebody's dream they will get it- if not then the seller will have it.
  14. Completely agree with you, LP :yes: