Yummm, Pastilles Phone Strap

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. That is so cute!!
  3. That is really nice!
  4. that's cute
  5. that is the cutest thing ever!!!! Retail? Release date?
  6. Adorable!:balloon:
  7. how cute!!!!
  8. awww... that is soooo cute!:shame:
  9. omg!! it's soo cute!!! i like this better than the keychain
  10. rare Vip according to the auction.
    I like it :smile:
  11. rare? I just saw it at the store yesterday.
  12. Just repeating the auction.
  13. yeah I saw that auction too on ebay. just letting everyone know though :yes:
  14. wow how much is that retail??? I want!!!!!! so cute! lol