Yum! 05 Caramel First

  1. Oooh... I think I want this!
    Is this color definitely caramel? It doesn't look warm enough to me to be caramel, but maybe that's my monitor. Any thoughts on the color?
  2. Yep, it's caramel. I have the same bag. BTW, 05 is a tad lighter than the 06, but the leather is like butta.:drool: I miss mine so much, but Barbara @ LMB is giving her a spa treatment. Can't wait to hold her again.
  3. 05 caramel is TDF! What a great price!!!! My purse is 05 caramel and it is dreamy.....:tender:
  4. thanks fendihunter!:heart:

    That's an amazing price, right? I am sitting here debating about clicking BIN! I just bought a truffle bag.... are the color different enough? Does the caramel look good with black?
  5. ^^Do it! The price is a steal and you will NOT regret it! I personally think caramel looks great with black. The lightness of the caramel adds a great contrast with darker colors.
  6. ITA with LoriB 1000%. The contrast is beautiful and that color is quite different than Truffle. You will NEVER regret it.
    Just wanted to add that the price is incredible. It really is. I basically paid the same for my bag, but it was a bit more worn than this one. I think people don't realize what an amazing deal this is.