Yukon boots??

  1. Bella, this is mostly for you as I know you have these boots. How do you like them? Are they comfy? Will they fit over a pair of jeans that are tucked into them or are they rather narrow around the calf?

    I am thisclose to ordering them on sale from NAP, I just want to be sure someone who has them would recommend them! :tup:

  2. I'm wearing the right now! :p
    Lately, they have been my favorite boot, though I try and not wear them EVERY day. :rolleyes: super warm and comfortable. I got them a half size up so I could wear them with thicker socks when it's really really cold and with my average calves they fit fine with jeans tucked in. My best friend who has very thin calves found them too slouchy. Oh, and these are not skinny jeans, but regular cut.

    I think you'll love them! I wrote somewhere else that they feel like a spa day for the feet... pampering :biggrin:

  3. ^ Bella - those look great on you. Please post the modeling pic in the accessories section of the reference library. I bought the shorter Yang ankle (big calf fittin') boots. Like you, I went up a 1/2 size so I could wear heavier socks. Very comfy and soft. The Yangs are on sale now at Saks.

  4. I just love the flat boots J Choo has out now! Those are sooo cute!^^^
  5. OK, I want to start off by saying that I KNOW I have no right to ask this as we ALL know I am the absolute worst about taking photos (and talking too much, and using too many smilies in my posts, and giving Ethel and Lucy a hard time much too often....), but I digress. :upsidedown:

    Bella (which is that short for Isabella by the way? If so, that is my favorite name ever!) See what I mean about talking too much???? I swear, it's like I have no control over it! :sweatdrop:

    Anyway! Bella, do you think you could take a photo of you wearing your boots with the cuff turned down? I am so in love with your boots, I'd like to see them every possible way if it's not too much trouble! :flowers:

    I thought Jburgh's Yang boots were totally sold out which is what I originally wanted so then I started looking at the Yukon boots and now I'm hooked! :drool:

    Oh, one more thing....what size are your boots Bella? You look like you have really small feet (Jburgh! You too....what are those a size 5??? They look tiny!). I ask because I wear a size 8 and wouldn't want them to look huge!
  6. ^ Wow, thanks Jburgh! I thought the Yang boots were long gone....I think I may go for the ankle boots after all! I like the easy on/easy off factor and I do have a ton of taller boots already.

    But Bella's modeling photo does make me want the tall pair even more....I want them BOTH! :girlsigh:Oh, and Bella if you could still post a photo of you wearing the boots with the cuff down so that the fur lining is showing I would be ever so grateful! ;)

    Maybe I'll just wait and see which pair is still available at 50% off? Does anyone know if that round of sales is coming soon?? :shrugs:
  7. Stinker, I'll take and post some more pics tomorrow . :tup:
  8. Thanks Bella....they do look really great on you, every time I see that photo I love the boots even more! :love:
  9. I am so jealous! Those boots are gorgeous. Love the toggles and the black is scrumptious. bella, thanks for the modeling pic. Are those True Religion jeans?
  10. Stinker: No, Bella is not short for anything....it's just a name I used once in a game I played in college. I've used the nickname ever since. :shame:

    I usually wear a 38.5 in JC shoes. The boots are 39's.
    I'm 5'2" and I thought I would wear them cuffed, but after I got them I think they chop my leg up a little too much so I end up wearing them straight more.

    Samantha: I think so, but I can't remember which I wore two days ago. I LIVE in jeans and have almost as many jeans as shoes. :lol: Every color, designer, whatever....can't get enough!

    here are some more pics:





  11. bella those boots are TDF :drool: :drool: :drool:

    You girls have to stop doing this to me :hysteric:

    I can only spend money on Bags OR Shoes... :rant:

    Honestly how many times can you shove the boxes in the closet and tell DH "I've had these for months" without him catching on :graucho:
  12. WOW!! Thank you so much Bella! :flowers: :flowers:I now HAVE to have those boots....they look fantastic on you and I like them both ways, cuffed or pulled all the way up. I think like you, I prefer them all the way up though.

    I LOVE the hardware on the sides....I'm off to NAP to see if they still have my size! :love:
  13. Out of my size in the Yukons and the other tall ones with the strappy ties on the sides (I'm a 35.5 but would need a 36. What can I say, my parents bound my feet when I was younger) everywhere... These are gorgeous, I'll live vicariously through all of you.
  14. Yang boots marked down even further on Saks.com for now $250!!!