yuko hair straightening

  1. has anyone treid this?
    is it worth it?
    i have really frizzy fine hair and iv been reading a lot about yuko system. but dont know anyone whos treid it
  2. It works very well but is pricey and takes all day to apply. It will get your hair stick straight even to the point where you can just wash and go! The problem lies in the maintainance. If you have Uber curly hair, figure in about 6 months, you'll have 3 inches of fuzzy roots with this straight stuff hanging off.......it's quite a site! Unlike traditional relaxers, there's on reversion so the line of demarkation is quite obvious.
    Like most things, six of one, half a dozen of another!
  3. Anyone else with any input on this?
  4. I've done this twice in the last couple of years (my hair is wavy, slightly curly). I did it at Korea town in midtown Manhattan. I'm not sure if they used the Yuko system but it was japanese straightening and it took about 4-5 hours for shoulder length hair. The results are amazing, my hair was literally wash and go. After 10 months, I had the touch-ups done for the regrowth just before the humidity set in for the summer.

    The important thing is that you need to keep your hair really healthy afterwards which means no coloring or chemical that would damage it. You need to make sure your hair gets lots of hydration and moisture especially in the initial weeks following the straightening and after that. So use a good conditioner formulated for straightened hair like the ER or Nigelle range.
  5. Thanks for that agile!
    Do you know if it matters if you have it colored beforehand? And can you not color it at all after or just not for a couple of months?
  6. Ideally, most hair salons would prefer that your hair was not colored beforehand as they would much rather work on strong hair that does not have any chemicals that would weaken it. It really depends on the state of your colored hair. If it's dry and brittle, it isn't a good idea to get it straightened as it would permanently damage your hair. Hair salons generally recommend that you come in for an initial consultation for japanese straightening where they take a look at your hair and assess if you're a good candidate for straightening. I suggest you go to yours and see what they say.

    As for coloring it afterwards, it can be done after waiting for some time (1 month I believe, but ask your hair salon). It also depends on the state of your hair after straightening. I've heard of women having "fried" hair after the process, which I won't recommend for coloring. If you want to color it afterwards, just be careful that it doesn't damage your straightened hair. Again, I'd recommend talking to the salon and have them assess it for you.