1. Yuck is right! It must have been a beauty...a few beatings ago.
  2. Yikes!!
  3. OMG what a filthy bag who would have the nerve to offer this & how could anyone buy it, it's filthy inside & out & those ink stains will never come out!
  4. Bag abuse, plain and simple. :sad:
  5. That poor poor bag, it should go to bag heaven already!
  6. Yuck. It's been used and abused. I feel bad for the bag.
  7. oy!
  8. who would do that to a bag! these people need locking up.
  9. Blech..I saw this in another post. How gross. :yucky:
  10. This is sad... :sad:
  11. :yucky: what's the actual color? Yellow??
  12. It's heartbreaking to see LV treated like that :sad:
  13. maybe i would. then i COULD have an 'auth lv trashcan'
  14. Did they leave it in the rain or something?!