1. heheehhe maybe that's why he was dumped.. lol..
  2. oh lordy that is nasty!
  3. Eww
  4. haha!
  5. LOL...:roflmfao: That is just too hideous for words..
  6. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky: DH would be kicked to the curb if he brought that home to me :biggrin:
  7. thats baaaaaaaad!!!! but ive never really liked that bag much anyway so its ok, i would probly have to say its my least fav lv, plus the amount of times ive seen fakes of it are countless

  8. Yeah, it's scary to see what's on eBay, huh? :sad:
  9. hahah
  10. That is one seriously sad lopsided bag!
  11. OMG!!!:sick: :yucky: :censor:
  12. :rant: :rant: :sick: ugh!!!!
  13. :lol: or :yucky: don't know whether I should laugh or vomit!
  14. that's funny!! :smile: