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  1. I got a crappy purse for x-mas and I hate it so much! UGLY! :sad2: I want to return it. But I feel bad because I'm returning some earrings as well because they are way too heavy and hurt my ears so much. But the purse was bought online and I don't know if the store will take it back. I do not want it!! It's ugly and too big! I can't tell my mom that...grr...I hate christmas because I always get crap.:evil:
  2. oh no - do you have pics of it ..
  3. Donate it.
  4. ^^^agree just donate it if its too much trouble to return or sell.
  5. agree. it is christmas, after all.
  6. I already donated plenty to charity. It was also one of the few things I got. I'm a little selfish...but I donated plenty. :P But I was looking and I can return it to the store that it was ordered from. I just eat the shipping and handling fee.

    When are people going to realize that giving me CDs is fine. Seriously...I love CDs! Music makes me happy! I got two CDs for x-mas only and usually I get like twice that! The problem is both of them turned out to be the same CD...Santana's new CD. I LOVE SANTANA! Guitars...w00t! :amuse::nuts:
  7. I know the feeling of getting something really crappy from someone you love. It took years for me to get my husband to understand that there were certain things he just couldn't purchase for me because we have way different taste. I tell him what I want now and we shop together...no surprises. Try not to make a fuss about the handbag I know it's hard but try and do enjoy the rest of the Holiday. Smile, I remember acting like a terrible brat one year because I didn't like my gift; it was jewelry but I didn't think it was fine enough...shame on me...I carried on something awful...big scene.:wacko:
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