YUCK you HAVE to check this out!

  1. Yep, your birkin is better alright!
  2. This is so disgusting. :rant: :censor:
  3. No thank you, but viewing that website helps me out more in spotting fakes! :lol: Geesh, those bags are ugly.
  4. I don't know what to say ... This is depressing ... :crybaby:
  5. Could someone please educate me? I am relatively new to Hermes so I am wondering how you knew it wasn't real?
  6. that's pretty horrible if someone tries to pass it for real!:shocked: :blah:
  7. I'm definitely not an expert but for me, the first thing I looked at was the shape. That's usually the first dead giveaway. Then you look at other clues such as leather and certain specs. In this case, the website pretty much gave away that it's selling fakes. In other cases, you definitely have to look at it with a fine toothcomb since some of the fakes are getting awfully good these days.

    Sorry, I'm of not much help. However, I'm sure the experts here can give you a much more satisfactory explanation.:yes:
  8. I just saw the ostrich leather they have ... Ewww!! They didn't even flatten the bumps!
  9. I am by no means an expert, but there is a thread Hermes informative catalog that is excellent, I would search our PF site for that. Also, the leather looks off, once you see the thread you will know what I mean. The hardware should be marked Hermes and they should show you a code on the inside of the strap that will tell you what year the bag was made. It is usually a letter. This thread explains all that. Greentea and Kellybag are excellent resources as well.
  10. I know the bags on that thread are incredible. However, you could buy a car for what some of them cost. There are some makes and models that are a little more affordable, Thank Goodness!
  11. :lol: yeah it's true, I think for now I'm drawing the line at $26500 for purses. I don't quite have the courage to buy a bag that costs more than my car yet, but I'm sure I will as soon as I get a huge raise or find a better paying job <-- yes I'm justifying my spending so I don't feel guilty, I'm in denial right now:yahoo:
  12. I love ostrich leather, but when the bumps stick out ...yuck!:throwup:
    I hate it when thry don't hammer it out, :smash: :blah: