YUCK...the return of AF

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  1. i was so graciously blessed with my first visit from aunt flo since i got pregnant and man it sucks! the cramping is horrific!! i had my check up last monday and i got a prescription for the pill [ortho tricyclen] which i started the day aunt flo showed her ugly head. im just wondering if anyone else did this and how long did it take to start making any kind of a change. i've been taking it now for 3 days....still heavy bleeding and hella bad cramps. i just feel so lazy and i want to gorge myself on chocolate...hehehe.
  2. mine started back but i'm still BFing. it was very very light. mostly cramping. i'm sure this month will be worse.
  3. I haven't gotten it yet! I'm not bf as much maybe twice a day, and am surprised it's not here yet.

    Hope your cramps get better pinkhearts n lvluvr!
  4. What a drag, sorry.
  5. with my first she didn't show up for about 7 mths...so that was GREAT!!
    second i got the mirena which was blah.
    this time around seems to just really suck! dh stopped and got me some pamprin extra strength, so i hope that kicks in soon. *fingers crossed*
  6. I'm very much not looking forward to the return of AF - so sorry you have to deal with yours so quickly after Mackenzie's arrival!
  7. I just had my first "real" one...super light though. But I had cramps worse than pre-pregnancy!
  8. Hope you get to feeling better soon, sweetie!! :hugs:
  9. I hope you feel better soon.

    I am sorry you didn't like the Mirena, I love mine. I have had 2 cycles, both less than 1 day.
  10. oh the mirena was almost the death of me. funny thing is that i was talking to my doc and she said it did that same exact thing to her. we were both super *****y, no libido and it was just plan bad. when it was removed i bled for 6 mths straight...it was horrible. im considering getting the para guard but im not sure yet.
  11. Yeah, Mirena was awful for me too.
    I never understood why some women complain about AF? I mean, if it wasn't for AF, then things probably wouldn't be working properly and we wouldn't be having these wonderful discussions in the pregnancy and parenting forum...Anyway, hope you are feeling better soon! I know it's hard when things start back up again after baby.
  12. I hope it gets better for you soon :hugs:

    so far I have been lucky and AF has not shown up. I have though been on the mini pill for a month and a bit and I know that it can stop or lighten AF.
  13. I got mine about 4 weeks after I gave birth and I swear, it was so heavy I could've sworn I was hemmoraging!!!!! Thankfully, its returned to normal.
  14. Mine returned after 6 weeks while I am still breastfeeding and the second one came 2 weeks later!! Geez...however, I don't have cramps as I normally have pre-pregnancy.

    Hope your pills will stabilise your cycle.....take care.
  15. I have had 2 cycles and and it's always REALLY REALLY heavy on the first day,
    no cramps though.