Yuck! Imitation Damier Speedy! Yay or nay?

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  1. That is the ugliest thing I've seen this year... I just lost my appetite for desert. Eh, thx for sharing?
  2. Yuck!!
  3. NAY! It just looks like a cheap fake, not even an "inspired" bag... yuck!
  4. Totally nay!
  5. :cursing::yucky:
  6. def gross i dnt like it
  7. Lol...what ever happened to simple unbranded bags??? When I was sixteen, it was just a backpack Mon-Fri and a simple nylon tote for the weekend!
  8. The real thing looks so much better.
  9. ooo i do NOT like this! :throwup:
  10. Gross, that looks vile, not because it is copying LV, just because it is actually hideous.
  11. yuck!
  12. it looks wrong! like if i saw someone carrying that and LV didnt even make damier print, id think it was oddly ugly..
  13. :yucky:Eeewwww...even when I was 16 yrs old, I would NOT have been caught dead with this horrific handbag. I would hope that 16 yrs olds now would have more taste than that.