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  1. Hi, I collect & sell vintage bags sunglasses etc.
    I have recently purchased a YSL brief case. This case looks vintage but is in excellent condition all stiching is perfect insides is lovely. There is some tarnish on the brass that is all. I am just wondering how I could find out if it is real or a fake. The case is bordered by brown leather * the insersts on the front and back of the bag are the YSL symbol in brown all over it there is a gold YSL symbol.There are no serial numbers or tags, would they have used them in the 70's?. The case looks like it would be from the late 70's. I have also found YSL vintage shoes in the original box with this case.
    If any one can let me know approx value also??? They are great items & I would love to know more about them. Thanks Kassy.
  2. You'll want to post this in the YSL Forum under Authenticate This with a few pictures and the gals will be able to give you their opinions. Welcome to tPF!
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    I am moving this to YSL for some extra help for you...
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