1. in store presale started today!
  2. what's on sale? what %?
  3. I know downtowns, some muses - I think % varies but I know oversized Muse is about 959
  4. Is the sale only for selected seasonal colors? So ivory downtown probably won't be on sale? TIA!
  5. Are shoes on sale too?
  6. what about uptowns? any discount? thanks!
  7. I know the tan and camel muses are on sale.
  8. wow i need to check this out this week! when does the actual sale start?
  9. what store is it on sale at?
  10. I spoke with both NYC locations - but I would think all throughout the US
  11. Thanks, I really want one. Would you happen to have the store number? If not it is okay.
  12. the sale is going on at all YSL boutiques in the US
  13. omygoodness...oversized muse for $959?? That's awesome! I love the muse..it's such a classy and roomy bag.