YSL Yse Linen & Gold Bag on SALE @ BG.com

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  1. Yay...I just got it...what do u guys think? nay or yay? thx
  2. I posted on the YSL subthread too, but I say YAY!!!!!! :yes:
  3. Absolutely Yay. So pretty. If I had the money ...:s

    Anyways, sold out now. Good catch.
  4. As of 11 am PT its still available FYI
  5. great find!!! nice bag :smile: I would jump on it if I didn't buy the MJ Chain Pouchette last week...
  6. great bag! and great deal for a YSL bag.
  7. I love the shape of it. Too bad I can't afford it. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  8. Sorry. It was listed as not available about 20 minutes before you posted. Somebody must have grabbed it then changed their minds?
  9. Yes, ladies, I ordered it and changed my mind. A bit too expensive just for canvas bag ..