YSL XL Muse (Bulgatti) bag in White

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  1. Found it ... drooled ... BOUGHT it ... should be getting it in the next couple of days (yes - of course I'm so impatient, that I'm using expedited shipping!!).

    I'M SO EXCITED !!!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  2. Congrats CeeJay!:nuts: Don't forget to post pics
  3. Yeah, but I then saw the post where another forum member is returning hers because the White has a yellow cast to it, and the hardware was scratched up ...

    So, we'll see what happens ... NEWS AT 11!
  4. Woohoo. Congrats!
  5. I decided to cancel the order ... I'm going to go to the N/M store this weekend and look at them them ...
  6. LOL~better to see them in person first I guess. Let us know if you get it or not.
  7. Please post pics with you wearing the bag. would be thrilled to see it on person!
  8. Here's the update ...

    I canceled the order (White) and instead, called the YSL in Houston to inquire about the Grey (Metallic). They didn't have the Grey XL, but the S/A also told me that the Metallic is actually a combination of silk threads and leather. I really wanted all leather ...

    So, the S/A told me that the Chocolate Brown (which I had been looking at on the B/G site) was available in the XL. She told me that this particular bag had SUPERB leather (very soft & supple), so I BOUGHT IT. It's due on Friday ... OH BOY ... an early birthday gift to myself (I should say "another birthday gift ..." :shame: :biggrin: !!).
  9. Drool. Just drool.
  10. Can't wait to see pics!!!! Post them once you get them! Congrats!
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