YSL Woodbury Email Address?

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  1. I am just wondering if anyone has this info?

    thanks :smile:
  2. I know this is not what you asked as such but this is their phone number so maybe they can give you their mail? Sorry I'm not more help

    (845) 928-2169
  3. this would be really helpful. no email addresses?
  4. I have it, but won't post it for privacy reasons. PM me if you want it.
  5. Just wondering what privacy reasons there would be? I don't see anything wrong with relaying an email address for a store; it's like giving out a phone number, in my opinion.
  6. Maybe it's individual SA e-mails? I know that I have e-mailed YSL people in the past and they were all individual e-mails.
  7. Oh ok! That makes sense. Thanks. :]
  8. Posting an email (even a store manager's work email) on a blog makes it available to all, even non-purse-forum members. And that allows for spam and all sorts of unsolicited and possibly dangerous email to go to them. Out of respect for the YSL employees, I will not be giving out their email anymore. Feel free to call them and request it.
  9. Cabazon does have a general store e-mail, but I think I'd prefer individual e-mails since people rarely get back to you on general addresses