1. Hey, really keen to get the YSL WOC. I'd like to be able to wear it every day adn for evenings out. My style is quite minamilist. I just can't decide between the black with black hardware, black with silver hardware or grey? Just wondering in terms of how people think they look and also how they wear? Thanks!
  2. I have the black w silver hdw woc. I prefer the silver hdw as it has an understated classy look.
  3. I have the black with silver. I think it’s still very minimalist and understated but still stands out. Black on black is very cool, mysterious and edgy; and if you don’t like logos that much black on black might be good. :smile:
  4. I have the black w/ black hardware. I've had it for roughly 3 years and it's held up great. I haven't had any chipping on my hardware. So far, I've only used it at night, but I just bought a chain from Amazon so that I can double it up and wear it as a fanny pack. It actually looks really cute! I probably wouldn't use it as a cross body bag during the day b/c the black hardware makes it seem a little too formal. I have an iPhone 7+ and it fits, and i usually just keep my cards and cash in the cardholders or zip pocket in the front. I can also usually fit tampons or a lipstick or whatever in it too.
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