YSL WOC and Chanel Flap?

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  1. Hi everyone – would love your opinion on something. Have never posted in this subforum before, please let me know if this is breaking any rules.

    My dream has always been a Chanel classic flap, in either small or medium. I am in college and my parents want to buy me a vintage one in 1.5 yrs for my graduation (which I am very thankful and excited for). In the meantime I have saved up working on my own and would like to buy myself a designer bag for the holidays this year with my own money. I really love the look of the medium YSL WOC but am wondering if it is too similar to the Chanel flap to justify having both? Especially if I end up getting a small Chanel (not sure since I have not tried them on yet for size to see) which is about the same size as the medium YSL WOC.

    What do you think? Are there any other bags you would recommend? I love the look of the smallest Sac De Jour but am also concerned that it's too similar to my one other designer bag (Celine Nano).

    Thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Oh, and they would both be in black, likely both gold hardware.
  3. Do you have any photos of the Chanel bag you’re referring to?
  4. Here you go!


    It's not a WOC style unlike the YSL which can also be converted to a clutch. I saw the Chanel as more of a day bag maybe and the YSL for evenings?
  5. This is me with the YSL.

  6. I have the Chanel small flap in black lambskin and tried on the YSL WOC. In my opinion, they are totally different. They might be more similar if you chose Chanel black caviar, but even then I find the looks completely different. The Chanel is classic and luxurious whereas the YSL is streamlined and more edgy looking.

    If it concerns you, maybe you can get the YSL WOC in a different color?
  7. Thank you! Great to hear. Yes, I intend to get the Chanel in lambskin. I tried the YSL on in red and beige as well but black seemed most beautiful to me. I might see if I like it in silver as to have different hardware with the Chanel.

    Can I ask – do you use your small Chanel flap as more of an evening bag or do you find it has enough space to use out during the day?
  8. Honestly, I only use my flap for going out to dinner or if I'm going to a party, which I know is bad! It does fit what I'd need throughout the day though (card case, keys, compact, lipstick, pen, phone, and change purse)...I can probably fit a pack of tissues and another flat mirror, but that's really it. If you carry a lot of makeup or like having a large wallet, it might be more of an issue. :smile:

    I say go with what you like...if you like the black YSL WOC, then you should just get it! :biggrin:
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  10. To be honest I think it is fine to have both in your collection. The Chanel is a bag and the YSL is a Wallet on Chain. The Chanel has diamond quilting and the YSL has chevron quilting. Gold and black combination is always classic and these are both very chic designs. If you want a larger design maybe you entry the large YSL wallet on Chain. I love the edginess of the YSL and the timeless design of Chanel. You will love both designs for decades.
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  11. I have a Chanel mini flap and the larger YSL WOC. I use them both for going out at night. I tend to carry a lot during the day, so neither are useful for me as an everyday bag.
    I love that vintage Chanel flap you posted. Very classic. If I were to have both, I'd consider different color hardware for the YSL WOC, like the black on black.
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  12. Thanks for sharing :smile: I think I want the medium Chanel size so I can use it more for everyday – though not sure if it will look too big on my 4'11' frame.

    Anyways thanks so much! I think I'm going to get the YSL, but in a different hardware.
  13. Thank you! Appreciate the insight. I feel better about my decision now.
  14. Yeah, I think I'm going to go for the YSL in either the so black or silver hardware. The YSL would be in the grained leather as well VS lambskin on the Chanel, so I think that's enough of a difference too. Thanks so much!
  15. You're welcome!