YSL Wish List

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  1. To take everyone’s mind off of the craziness that is happening in the world right now... what items are currently on your wish list?
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  2. Medium and/or Baby Niki; can't decide between sizes so I sort of want both? Medium in black and baby in dark green
    Sac de Jour in the dark green embossed mock croc
    Medium Kate in a neutral color with gold hardware, no tassel
    Small loulou (probably silver hardware, not sure on color)
    Monogram chain wallet (in a fun seasonal color)
    Medium envelope (I have one in the black on black so I want a different color with different hardware)
    Lou camera bag (I have one in the mock croc with silver hardware so I want a different color w silver hardware)
    Lou mini camera bag (I have one in the green w gold hardware and I'd like one that is red with silver or gold hardware)
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  3. I'm thinking about one of their pouches (Uptown pouch, Bill pouch or the A5 pouch) - but since they don't have a lot of depth, I'm still unsure. The YSL logo in gold hardware is just sooo beautiful though!
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  4. Such a good thread to start during a time of quarantine lol. These are a few of the items that have caught my eye but would most likely end up investing in either one or two on my wish list

    1. Medium envelope in black with silver hardware (grain de poudre) - I already own a medium loulou in black with shw but it's such a classic combination and the silver is much more shiny on the envelope
    2. Small loulou to switch it up but in grey with shw - YSL makes the best shades of grey, I droooooool every time
    3. Lou camera bag in granite - Again, their shades of grey is always so perfect
    4. Lou mini bag in grain de poudre - beige with ghw
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  6. I have a pink monogram long wallet and pink card case ordered over the phone, was supposed to ship yesterday but YSL closed for 2 weeks. :sad: in the meantime I dream of...
    1. Small LouLou Puffer in black w/ GHW
    2. Small kate
    3. Bill pouch (although, what do people normally put in these besides money?)
    4. Key pouch
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  7. - Envelope bag in Black, SHW - this is the only bag I want at the moment!
    - Monogram card holder in Black, GHW. It would be nice to have but I’m not in a rush to get it since it’s not necessary & I have my LV cles
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  8. I have to second the lou camera bag in granite, that specific shade of grey really speaks to me!!!
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  9. I just bought my first bill pouch during the most recent YSL sale in moc croc with shw. I use it for cash and any cards or gift cards that I don’t have room for in my actual wallet.
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  10. I have been eying the baby Niki but haven’t decided on a color yet. I would really like to add a gray to my collection but I also love the color “gold sand”.

    I’m also hoping a unique color or patterned SLG will pop up in their next sale. I love having a fun SLG to add to a handbag!
  11. I need a new crossbody bag and I am seriously thinking about picking up the new mini puffer.
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  12. Large College! Been wanting a roomy flap bag!
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  13. Medium envelope black with shw and medium college in grey.
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  14. Same!! It’s so cute!
  15. Medium puffer in granite!
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