YSL White Muse Bag $648 @ NM

  1. what a great deal! :nuts:
  2. gone
  3. Got it! Thank you! :heart: I've been waiting to catch one of these on sale.
  4. gone..
  5. aww, what a great deal!! i'm so mad i missed it.
  6. Yay and I got free shipping too :smile: I forgot to add the code but customer service waived it since I called them so soon after the order was placed :yahoo:
  7. Gosh, it looks like I need to check every half hour or so. I keep missing it.
  8. Berlyn, Congrats! I like the Muse very much. :heart:
  9. Congrats!! I ordered oak...but I really like this color.:yahoo:
  10. Congrats again! great to know that someone from here got it. Lots of great specials lately :tup:.
  11. congrats! that is a killer deal!
  12. argh i keep missing it too, this is getting ridiculous. first the brown now the white ... both are gorgeous. its at the top of my most wanted list right now (of those that i can sort of afford).

    i think im gonna NM and refresh every 30 min. lol
  13. Congrats! What a great deal!
  14. congrats! that's a great price. i'm not a big fan of the muse, but at that price... wow!