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  1. Any thoughts on the YSL website? I just ordered a large Tribute black patent bag from there. I had previously ordered the embossed croc one from Bergdorf's, but it was the medium and I really wanted the large plain patent one so I returned it.

    I've never shopped directly from YSL and was wondering if they ship promptly and are easy to deal with.

  2. They are great. I ordered two bags from them (ended up returning one) and the first one was ordered on Sunday, shipped Tuesday and arrived Wednesday with just ground shipping selected. The second one was even faster, I ordered it Tuesday, it shipped that same day and arrived the next day, Wednesday, with just ground shipping selected again.

    And the return was very easy, too, they email a prepaid UPS shipping label and I dropped it off at the UPS location a few blocks away. It arrived back at YSL the next day and my card was credited about 4-5 days later.

    The shipping box will be HUGE for a Large Tribute, just so you're prepared if you're receiving it at the office. They package it very nicely in a large YSL gift box, but that means they end up using an enormous shipping box. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I was just surprised at the size when I received my first bag from them.

    Congrats on your new bag, you should have it in no time! :yahoo:
  3. Thanks shazam! Now I even more looking forward to my package! I paid for the overnight shipping so hopefully they will send it Monday and I'll get it Tuesday.
  4. shazam, do you remember if a signature is required? I'm debating whether or not I should stay close to home so I don't miss the UPS truck if I have to sign for the package.

  5. Yes, a signature is definitely required. You'll even get an automated phone call from UPS on the morning of the delivery (to whichever phone number you included on your order) which lets you know the package will arrive that day and that it requires a signature.