Ysl Wallets and card cases advice

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  1. #1 Jan 5, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019
    Hi all need some advice. Please bear with me on this.

    I am currently using a medium Chanel wallet and it’s due to change.

    I’ve always had a problem with too many receipts and cards and could not close my wallet properly. It actually could not fit all my cards as well. So I decided I needed to upgrade to a big one.

    Decided on the ysl large monogram. I got 2 card cases as well. The big wallet would store some of my credit card and also discount cards. I would store my id, driving license and often used credit card in the card cases and put these card cases within the wallet. I figured if I was taking a small bag, then I would easily take just those 2 card cases with me.. I didn’t have to swap cards in and out of different wallets which I really hated.

    016DFA4E-74D6-4731-8317-C8E021006A0C.jpeg 22F37813-07ED-410D-8760-EE26A8802D34.jpeg

    I still had a dilemma. I’ve always wanted a wallet with transparent Id slot so I could put my kids and hubby’s photo. I found this!!! Ysl card case.
    97524F18-5C6B-4856-BB7E-1B58FAD9ED23.jpeg B91AB5F2-197E-4197-9774-B06DBA6747DE.jpeg
    But I realised perhaps too many wallets and card cases now?

    What combination would you ladies choose?
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  2. You have to choose what works best for you. I don’t switch wallets very often and typically use the same one for long periods of time. I usually have my regular wallet and some sort of card case for extra cards.
  3. I like your idea of having the large YSL wallet and putting in a card holder with your credit cards and I’d which you can take in and out. That sounds practical to me.

    Regarding the other YSL card case with the transparent ID slot, if possible I think you should still keep it as well. I have it and absolutely love it. I have had such a hard time finding a designer wallet with the clear id section so I had to get it. I am contemplating getting a red one too as a backup. :smile:
  4. Thanks! Yeah decided to keep all the Ysl wallets and card holders after all. After having them so reluctant to let go...
  5. Great! :smile: I love the idea of having a section to put hubby or kids photos :smile: