ysl wallet pebble leather authentication

  1. hi friends. please put pictures of your pebbled leather wallets for auth here:smile:
  2. Saint Laurent red matelasse leather monogrammed zip...
    bought from bluefly
    IMG_0593.JPG IMG_0594.JPG IMG_0596.JPG IMG_0597.JPG IMG_0598.JPG Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.43.08 AM.png Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.43.28 AM.png
  3. Saint Laurent Wallet and Wallets On Chain from Neiman Marcus and Barneys❤️
    5CD1318D-519D-418E-B2AA-578694BF84AB.jpeg A663C3D1-F9EF-4F13-9FBD-93B5B8B50518.jpeg 959B5A33-4A69-4572-9773-9EEB35F9D07D.jpeg 4EDFC698-2ED0-48F4-B5D4-070FAB6607DF.jpeg 08A0F64B-95BF-4A9B-87A2-04481607C08B.jpeg 41CA9F10-55CC-45D3-BBFA-8A9C2C054B2D.jpeg BC66C86E-3824-44E7-A061-83B3597A63DB.jpeg