YSL vs. Tod's vs. Chloe

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  1. Hello Ladies! Please help me make up my mind. I'm torn between these three bags:

    1. Tod's D-bag Restyling Bauletto in Orange (Hermes orange)
    2. Chloe Marcie tote/shoulder bag in Stone or Ash
    2. YSL Large Muse in Gray or Navy Blue or Camel

    All inputs are highly appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. Chloe marcie...the leather is amazing...and the style is very comfy for daily use
  3. Yes, i can't say enough about Chloe's leather. I have both, the large Muse and the medium Marcie satchel. Love the look and leather of the Marcie but it can be a little heavy once you fill the bag up like i do (iPad, LV Zippy organizer and a small cosmetic pouch, phone, a small snack for DD) Without the iPad then it's not a problem. If weight is a concern then the Muse is a little lighter. The flat handles of the Muse is more comfortable for shoulder carrying while i prefer to carry the Marcie on the crook of my arm or use its strap to carry it crossbody.
  4. Great!! So the leather doesn't easily scratch?
  5. Thanks for the info. The problem that I have is the color of the marcie that I want (stone or ash) doesn't come with a strap. That's also one of my concern why I'm having reservations about the marcie..
  6. I have the large Marcie satchel in Ash and love it, fits well over the shoulder. Also have a YSL large Muse and it, too is a great bag, however, it doesn't fit as well over the shoulder as the Marcie.
  7. I just got my Marcie in Stone from Saks and mine has a strap. I don't know if i can link this or not but this is the Marcie i got:
  8. I'm not so sure but I guess the small marcies come with the shoulder strap. On the other hand, some of the medium marcies also come with one. It so confusing!!
  9. They had a really lovely dark grey with long strap in harrods..yesterday...and def had them in selfridges london last week
    The leather is tdf..i,ve had my nut marcie since may and been using her everday since then..the colour goes with everything and the leather hasnt got any scuff and has softened up so i can put her over my shoulder with even the thick winter coats now..
  10. Thanks for the advice. Oh wow! its getting harder and harder to decide!!
  11. I have a Marcie in tan and the large Muse in camel/beige. The Muse is a bit more spacious and has a more classic look and yes, is slightly more comfortable to carry on the shoulder. The Marcie however, is a standout piece and is very versatile (if you get the medium with detachable long strap) - it can be worn three different ways. I love both my Muse and Marcie, but I find that Chloe leather is absolutely (almost) unparalleled. It is thick, soft and smells heavenly. It does not easily scratch or retain stains. My Muse smells good too but the leather is just not as yummy, and I had to waterproof it often since watermarks would show up right away.

    My vote goes to Marcie on this one. ;) :tup:
  12. Marcie. I don't have a muse, but have had 2 marcies (down to one now) and they are just fabulous. The leather is great, no babying required, they fit a phenomenal amount and look great on the arm or shoulder. I also think it can be dressed down more easily than the muse, if need be, so more versatile.
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